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            BROWSE GTC 2019 SESSIONS

            WORKSHOPS MARCH 22, 2020
            CONFERENCE MARCH 23 - 26, 2020

            See you at GTC 2020 in San Jose, March 22 - 26.


            NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is a global conference series providing training, insights, and direct access to experts on the hottest topics in computing today.

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            Get 1:1 Time with NVIDIA Engineers and Researchers

            One of the most valuable programs at GTC is our Connect with the Experts sessions, where you can drop into scheduled “office hours” on over a dozen topics to get your questions answered.

            2020 FEATURED SPEAKERS

            Hundreds of additional speakers to be added.

            Jensen Huang
            Jeff Clune
            Claire Delaunay
            Gil Bloch
            Bill Dally
            Maithra Raghu
            Stephen Jones
            Winston Hsu
            Trista Chen
            Joshua Patterson
            Christopher Daley
            Michael Soistman
            Bryan Catanzaro
            Jimmy Nassif
            Dmitry Efimov
            Mariya Popova
            Sarah Mokhtar
            Olexandr Isayev
            Eric Nielsen
            Dag Lindbo
            Ned Finkle
            Andrew Zhai
            Neda Cvijetic
            James Phillips
            Sricharan Kumar
            Kate Clark
            Marc Kamradt
            Mark Harris
            Galina Grunin
            Lionel Boillot
            Will Ramey
            Travis Addair
            HANOZ BHATHENA
            Shalini de Mello
            Jiri Kraus
            Lohit Giri
            Ashok N. Srivastav
            Sandra Pappenguth
            Wadim Kehl
            Bogdan Ciubotaru

            GTC has evolved into the industry’s largest AI show

            — eWeek (U.S.)


            This year’s speaker roster features a who’s who in AI and deep learning... I attend nearly 75 events a year, and GTC is a don’t-miss.

            - Patrick Moorhead, Forbes

            From autonomous driving, ... robots, and drones to the move to general AI, GTC covers most of what will redefine our world this century.

            - Rob Enderle, TGDaily

            If you are interested in AI and ML, GTC is the place to be whether you are a developer, a data scientist or a business person.

            - Patrick Moorhead, Forbes

            2019 SPONSORS

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            Access everything you need to develop with NVIDIA products.